About Us

The opening paragraph of Midway’s record book reads, “On June 30, 1940, the Midway Baptist Gospel Tabernacle was originated by a band of 53 members who love the Lord supremely.” Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Tate donated the land, E.S. Burnette set up a saw mill at the site and the men and women went to work building a church.

During the five month construction period the group held services in Mrs. Carrie Ritchey’s open air wood shed with the Rev. Harold Liner as Pastor. On Sunday, December 1, 1940 the first sermon was preached in the new building by Rev. Harold Liner.
Over the years, Midway has grown and prospered with the Lord’s steady hand upon it. We have added buildings, programs, and members and tried to continue the dream, which those original 53 members had. The biggest part of that dream has been to keep our eyes upon the Lord and let Him lead us to what He would have us to do.